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Bold Editor


The Bold Editor is a derived editor for Standard Notes. It is derived from the Redactor. The instructions for adding in-line images, videos, and audio recordings are available here.

Warning #

Changing the editor for a note to the Bold Editor will add html tags around each line of your text. These tags will be present when you change the editor back to a markdown editor.

If you want to convert a note from HTML to plaintext, you will need to remove these tags manually or by using a separate text editor such as VS Code or Atom because we do not yet have a "find and replace" feature. If you would like to test the Bold Editor with your note, you can restore a previous copy of the note in the Session History. If you restore an old copy, then any changes made with the Bold Editor will be lost.

The search feature in the Minimist editor may help you remove the tags manually.

Keyboard Shortcuts#

Remove formatCtrl/โŒ˜ + m
UndoCtrl/โŒ˜ + z
RedoCtrl/โŒ˜ + y or Shift + Ctrl/โŒ˜ + z
BoldCtrl/โŒ˜ + b
ItalicCtrl/โŒ˜ + i
SuperscriptCtrl/โŒ˜ + h
SubscriptCtrl/โŒ˜ + l
LinkCtrl/โŒ˜ + k
Ordered ListCtrl/โŒ˜ + Shift + 7
Unordered ListCtrl/โŒ˜ + Shift + 8
OutdentCtrl/โŒ˜ + [
IndentCtrl/โŒ˜ + ]
Normal (Pagagraph)Ctrl/โŒ˜ + Alt + 0
Heading 1Ctrl/โŒ˜ + Alt + 1
Heading 2Ctrl/โŒ˜ + Alt + 2
Heading 3Ctrl/โŒ˜ + Alt + 3
Heading 4Ctrl/โŒ˜ + Alt + 4
Heading 5Ctrl/โŒ˜ + Alt + 5
Heading 6Ctrl/โŒ˜ + Alt + 6

Further Resources#

  • GitHub - Development instructions, license (AGPL-3.0-or-later), and source code.
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