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Subscriptions on your Standard Notes Standalone Server


To add a subscription to your self-hosted user account, run the following commands:

docker-compose exec db sh -c 'MYSQL_PWD=$MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD mysql $MYSQL_DATABASE'
INSERT INTO user_roles (role_uuid , user_uuid) VALUES ( ( select uuid from roles where name="PRO_USER" order by version desc limit 1 ) ,( select uuid from users where email="<EMAIL@ADDR>" ) ) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE role_uuid = VALUES(`role_uuid`);
insert into user_subscriptions set uuid = UUID() , plan_name="PRO_PLAN" , ends_at = 8640000000000000, created_at = 0 , updated_at = 0,user_uuid= (select uuid from users where email="<EMAIL@ADDR>") , subscription_id=1 , subscription_type='regular';

✨ You Should Know#

Building Standard Notes has high costs. If everyone evaded contributing financially, we would no longer be here to continue to build upon and improve these services for you. Please consider donating if you do not plan on purchasing a subscription.

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