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Migrating From Legacy

Preparing a database dump#

If you have previously self-hosted your setup with our legacy Syncing Server, you will need to first dump the data from your existing database. There are two ways to do this depending on whether you had a separate database or the one we provided with our Docker setup.

Database from Docker setup#

In order to create a database dump, use the following command:

$ docker exec your_db_container_id sh -c 'exec mysqldump your_database_name -uroot -p "your_password"' > ./dbdump.sql

Note: In order to get the value of your_db_container_id, run docker ps to inspect your running containers. your_database_name and your_password have to be changed to whatever you had set up in your .env file.

External database#


mysqldump your_database_name -h your_host -u your_user -p "your_password" > ./dbdump.sql

Note Change your_host, your_database_name, your_user and your_password to values that you use to connect to your database.

Importing your database dump#

In order to import your data to the database that our Standalone setup will create, just place your dbdump.sql file inside the path-to-your-standalone/data/import folder. The data will be imported once the setups starts.

To proceed, head over to our Self-hosting with Docker page.

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